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If you want expert advice and personalised support and mentoring from a dedicated advisor throughout the US applications process, then you might be interested in our consultancy service. Our team of experienced advisors to help you navigate the complex US admissions process. This could include advice on standardised testing, choosing colleges, applying for scholarships and funding, preparing an artistic portfolio or musical audition, drafting college essays, and planning an early application. Alternatively, we also offer flexible application support for each of the elements of the application process.

Full Service Consultancy Flexible Application Support

Choosing Colleges

Whether you're looking for a large research university, a small liberal arts college, or something in-between there's a US college to suit every student. Colleges make their decisions not just on academic requirements, but on fit – they’re looking for those students whose academic and extracurricular interests, values, and personalities match those of the college in question. We offer college counselling sessions that identify what you’re seeking from your college experience and match you with a list of colleges based on your personality and preferences. We'll help you put together a list of colleges that maximises your chances of success by helping you put together a suitable range of colleges and finding those where you’d fit right in.

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College Essays

College essays are a vital part of your application, because they allow admissions officers to get to know your personality and how you’d fit in. Personal college essays should insight into who you are – they’re much more reflective and conversational in style than a UCAS personal statement. Supplemental college essays should be focused on your interest in the college and its programme – showing how academic and extracurricular interests could be fulfilled at the college in question, and what you would bring to the college in terms of your own values and character. We offer individual essay advice and feedback sessions in person or online, which you can book here . If you want an overview of college essays and where to start, you may benefit from joining one of our college essay workshops .

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Planning how to finance your college education is a vital part of the application process. Only a handful of colleges are need-blind for international applicants, meaning they separate the information about your financial situation from the admissions process. Other colleges are need-aware, meaning they will only offer places to students if they can guarantee that they will meet full demonstrated financial need. A number of universities offer merit scholarships for international students (as distinct from financial aid) that reward academic ability or a talent in a particular field. External organisations may also offer support for students seeking to finance a US college education. Our advisors can give you advice on how to apply for financial aid or scholarships and help you to maximise your chances of selection for the different types of funding on offer.

Application Support

The process of finalising applications can be a tricky one – whether it be knowing how to submit standardised test scores, understanding whether to waive your right to see teacher letters of recommendation, or declaring exam grades and predictions. UES’s advisors understand how to navigate US applications from a UK perspective, and can help you ensure that your application is in line with expectations and on track to make the maximum impact.

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