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What are liberal arts colleges?

26th July

What are liberal arts colleges? If you're thinking about applying to US colleges, you have probably heard the term 'liberal arts.' This can be a bit confusing, as the term can be used in two ways. First, it can refer to the ...
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Re-thinking ‘reach’ colleges

27th June

Re-thinking ‘reach’ colleges College counsellors wisely advise students to create a diverse college list with a range of options (sometimes called aspirational/match/likely), and many students begin that process with their li ...
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Update on Admit Rates

15th June

Update on Admit Rates At this time of year, students in Lower Sixth are considering their US college options ahead of applying in the autumn. It’s a good time to have a look at the acceptance rates at US colleges in the last ...
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Choosing between the new digital SAT and the ACT

27th May

Which Test? Update on the New Digital SAT vs ACT May 2022 Several years ago, we developed an accurate diagnostic test that predicts which standardised test for US university entrance (SAT or ACT) a student would perform bes ...
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What are technological institutes?

5th May

What are technological institutes? When applying to the US, something important to keep in mind is that not all universities there are the same! There are universities focused on the arts like Parsons and RISD; public and ...
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What is waitlisting, and what to do if waitlisted?

25th April

What is waitlisting? When you get an admissions decision from the US colleges to which you’ve applied, you will either be accepted, rejected, deferred, or waitlisted. We covered what deferral means and what to do about ...
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Standardised Testing Update April 2022

13th April

Test Optional: Should I submit SAT/ACT scores? Should I even take a test? Much has been said about the test-optional movement in the US. We’ve hosted webinars about it, and when we counsel students through their US applicat ...
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How do I know if a college is a good fit?

7th April

How do I know if a college is a good fit? One of the main characteristics of US universities that sets them apart from universities in other countries is their emphasis on finding students that ‘fit’. They are seeking to admi ...
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ACT/SAT English Best Approach & What Must I Avoid?

9th March

ACT/SAT English Best Approach & What Must I Avoid? Doing well on the English section of the ACT (section 1) or SAT (section 2) is pleasantly straightforward: learn the nine question types and the grammar rules tested within e ...
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Which other US colleges are like the Ivy League?

8th March

Which other US colleges are like the Ivy League? Whether considering applying to the US for university or not, we all know the names of the top US colleges! If you are considering an American education, it makes sense to set ...
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