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Practicalities when studying abroad

5th September

Are you thinking of studying in the US or abroad, or have you already accepted an offer from an overseas university? It’s a time to feel excited about all the opportunities that await you, but it’s also good to take some precaut ...
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When should I start preparing my US application?

8th August

At UES, we're often asked when is the best time to begin preparing to apply for college in America. Is it ever too early to start getting ready for the SAT or ACT, and for your application in general? Applying to university ...
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Tips for Common App Essays

18th July

Common App Essays: What to write about, and what to avoid When you apply to college in the US you are not applying to a course, as you would with a UK university, but for membership of an undergraduate community. Those commun ...
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Honors Programmes and Colleges at US Universities

27th June

When researching US colleges and compiling a college list, one factor you may not have thought to consider is honors programmes. These are alternative or supplemental education programmes at a specific college that can be comple ...
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Dutch Universities

14th June

Studying in the Netherlands presents a great opportunity for UK students to get global experience. Many courses are taught in English, and there are lots of international students studying at Dutch universities, so UK studen ...
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2022-23 application cycle trends

15th May

The 2022-23 application cycle has come to a close; what insights can we glean from that cycle, and what might these insights mean for the next? The number of applicants to highly selective colleges has been on an upward trajec ...
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What’s Better for Me: Ivy League or Oxbridge?

26th April

Are you trying to decide between top universities in the US and UK? UES explains how different those systems are and how to think about what suits you best, and debunks some myths about the Ivy League.  When you’re aiming high, ...
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New Mexico Universities

18th April

The 2022 International ACAC conference was in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and our counsellors had the opportunity to visit the University of New Mexico, the host institution, and tour some of the other great universities in the ...
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Digital SAT Update

11th April

The Digital SAT was launched for international students on 11 March 2023, making obsolete the bubble sheets and number two pencils we have associated with the test for so long! Students taking the first digital test received the ...
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Why Study in the USA?

4th April

UK students are applying to the US in record numbers, and getting a place at the very top US colleges is hypercompetitive. From 2020 to 2023, the number of applications submitted via the Common Application (the main application ...
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