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Colorado College Tour - Blog Post 2

29th March

Colorado College Tour After the 2022 International ACAC conference, UES Education had the amazing opportunity to visit eight universities in Colorado! We mentioned two of these, Colorado College ...
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AI and ChatGPT: How should counsellors respond?

21st March

AI and ChatGPT: How should college counsellors respond? (blog 2 of 2 on ChatGPT)  The realm of AI is expanding quickly, with the new version of ChatGPT, GPT 4, having been released last week. Whilst AI tools like these can be ...
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ChatGPT, education, and college admissions

6th March

ChatGPT, education, and college admissions (blog 1 of 2 on ChatGPT)  A seismic shift in the education landscape is underway, with the release of several AI softwares like ChatGPT–which can follow users’ prompts to generate co ...
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What's happening with college rankings?

22nd February

What's happening with college rankings? College rankings have the potential to be useful signposts to advisors and students. However, rankings have been in the news recently as institutions and students call them into questio ...
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What timeline should I follow for US college apps?

17th January

What timeline should I follow to apply to US colleges? An easy way to annoy your teachers is to come into their office in October of your year 13, and announce that you’ve decided to apply to US universities! It might be pos ...
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Registering for the SAT and ACT

13th December 2022

Registering for the SAT and ACT How do I register to take the SAT or ACT? This is one of the most common questions we get asked. As a test preparation provider, we prepare students to take the official tests and can advise on ...
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Mental health & learning considerations at US Unis

23rd November 2022

Mental health & special learning considerations at US universities It’s important that the education system appreciates all the different ways that our brains can work and learn, and that students with mental health and speci ...
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Applying to Oxbridge and the US

7th November 2022

Every year high-achieving students aim to apply to both highly selective US universities and Oxbridge. While this is possible with a high degree of organisation and hard work, making both sets of applications is very demanding ...
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Applying for SAT/ACT Extra Time/Accommodations?

18th October 2022

A guide for students and schools For a printable and easy-to-read pdf format of this blog, please click here. *Please also watch our webinar guiding families and schools through the process! Please click here.* If a student rec ...
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Should I visit US colleges?

17th October 2022

Visiting colleges Now that the travel restrictions brought about by the pandemic are beginning to ease, students thinking about studying abroad internationally have the option to visit colleges that interest them. The USA is ...
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