How to get extra time on the SAT or the ACT

Posted on 6th October 2017

How does a school or a student go about requesting extra time on the SAT or ACT?

If a student receives extra time in exams at school, or can use a laptop, they may be entitled to similar allowances on the SAT, ACT, and Subject Tests. The student must apply online through the College Board and/or the ACT for ‘accommodations’ at least eight weeks before the test, and their school will have to supply evidence.

If entitled to extra time, the student may receive either 50% or 100% extra time, making it a very long test indeed! In some cases, students will even be able to sit the test over several days, doing a section each day.

If a student is taking both the ACT and Subject Tests, they will need to apply for accommodation through both the ACT website and the College Board., as it's the latter that administers the Subject Tests.

To apply for accommodations, students should work with their school.

For the ACT, the accommodations process is as follows:
  1. The student should follow this link and read the instructions and watch the helpful video.
  2. The students should then register for an ACT account here, stipulating that they wish to apply for accommodations.
  3. The student will receive an email detailing what to send to the school. They must do this, so follow up with them if they haven’t!
  4. The school will receive instructions on how to apply for accommodations, and what evidence to submit.

For the SAT, the accommodations process is as follows:
  1. The student and school should read about the process here.
  2. The school should then enrol here.
  3. The student’s parent should sign and submit to the school a consent form.
  4. The school then submits a request online here.
  5. The student will receive a SSD code allowing them to register for the SAT and/or Subject Tests online.
Not all test centres are set up to cope with extra time, so it’s important to find out where the student can take it. Several of the big international schools in London (ASL, ACS, and Southbank) sometimes offer extra time sittings, but it is not always possible for external students to attend these. Additionally, your school may apply to offer accommodations, even if it is not normally a test centre. Your school can do this here for the ACT here.
And here for the SAT here.

Whatever you do, make sure you start the process as early as possible! If are from a school or you want to ask your school for accommodations, please feel free to get in touch with us for advice and help.
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