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What subjects can International Students choose?

12th November 2021

Choosing Subjects US colleges are well-known for allowing students flexibility with choosing a course of study: you don’t normally need to know what course you want to do when you apply, because you apply to universities, not ...
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Are Extracurricular Activities important?

3rd November 2021

Extracurricular Activities We’re all familiar with the image of the US college campus from films and TV: the dorms, quads, and dining halls filled with students studying and taking part in sport and activities together. Althou ...
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Applying for SAT/ACT Extra Time/Accommodations?

15th September 2021

How to get accommodations for the SAT or ACT A guide for students and schools If a student receives extra time or special equipment in exams at school due to things like dyslexia, health conditions or similar, they may be ...
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School Documents needed & how to prepare them?

14th September 2021

School documents form a crucial part of the application process at most US colleges. Their purpose is to contextualise students’ attainment level within their curriculum and peer group. Yet at many schools they are overlooked in ...
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College References

6th September 2021

US colleges review the different elements of students’ applications holistically, and references (known as “letters of recommendation” in the US) are an important factor in admission. US references carry more weight in the appli ...
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The biggest things to consider when applying to US colleges

23rd August 2021

Applying to the USA for university is an exciting prospect for many reasons. But before jumping into an application, it’s worth thinking about a few important things first.Can you afford it? This might seem like a harsh questio ...
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How can I find the right US college for me?

13th August 2021

Fit and Research In the world of US applications, one word that you often hear is ‘fit.’ Fit is a crucial factor in whether applicants will be offered places, but can be quite nuanced and hard to understand at first. Taking a bit ...
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Demonstrated Interest

30th July 2021

Colleges want you to show that that you really care about going there. How can students do this? What is Demonstrated Interest? Demonstrated Interest is an example of one of those nuanced areas of US college admissions that is ...
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What are supplemental essays & how do I write one?

5th July 2021

There are many unique things about the 1500+ US universities, one of which is that each institution generally requires applicants to write a supplemental, or college-specific, essay. This is in addition to the main 650-word pers ...
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How do I Write a Great Common Application Essay?

14th June 2021

Staring at a blank page, hoping to tell the story that defines your identity and sets you apart from other college applicants, can be a very daunting task. US universities require applicants to write essays that are far more per ...
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