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Why are so many people applying to study in the USA?

10th October 2017

At UES, we have noticed a surge in the numbers of British (and European) students applying to America for college. There are now over 10,000 students studying in the US, and over 5000 UK students apply for undergraduate in the USA ...
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How to get extra time on the SAT or the ACT

6th October 2017

How does a school or a student go about requesting extra time on the SAT or ACT?If a student receives extra time in exams at school, or can use a laptop, they may be entitled to similar allowances on the SAT, ACT, and Subject Test ...
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How to Apply Early Decison or Early Action

5th October 2017

The different options for applying to college in the US and the terms they use can be quite confusing. So what's the difference between Early Action and Early Decision?As we head towards the November 1st early application deadline ...
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Make the most of Fulbright College Day!

28th September 2017

It's almost time for the annual College Day, hosted by our partners the Fulbright Commission!On the 29th and 30th September 2017, hundreds of American universities will be at the ILEC Conference Centre in Fulham, London, to promot ...
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The Recent Presidential Election

23rd November 2016

The recent US election of November 2016 has no doubt caused some jitters amongst students currently applying for university in the USA. There’s no doubt that the election campaign was bitterly fought, and the rhetoric around the c ...
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Why study in the USA?

18th October 2016

American university is becoming a more and more popular place to study for British students. There are now some 10,000 students studying in the US, and around 5000 UK students apply for undergraduate in the USA each year. Compare ...
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Should I take the SAT/ACT with writing?

1st October 2016

Whether you sit the SAT or ACT, you have the choice of writing the optional essay at the end. This essay is quite different to anything you would have written in school – it should be structured in a particular way and use appropr ...
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How important are high scores?

9th September 2016

The entrance tests for US college - the ACT or SAT, and maybe SAT Subject Tests - tend to take up most time spent applying. It's therefore tempting to think that these tests are the most important part of an application, that the ...
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How to get the best out of the Fulbright College Day

6th September 2016

On September 23rd and 24th 2016, our partners the Fulbright Commission will once again be hosting their famous College Day in London. It’s the day that hundreds of North American universities pitch up to promote themselves to Brit ...
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How to choose the right SAT Subject Tests

18th August 2016

 SAT Subject Tests are entrance tests for US colleges that are sometimes required in addition to the main SAT or ACT. They are all an hour long and entirely multiple choice. They are in a range of subjects (see here), and are each ...
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