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Standardised Testing Update April 2022

13th April 2022

Test Optional: Should I submit SAT/ACT scores? Should I even take a test? Much has been said about the test-optional movement in the US. We’ve hosted webinars about it, and when we counsel students through their US applicat ...
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How do I know if a college is a good fit?

7th April 2022

How do I know if a college is a good fit? One of the main characteristics of US universities that sets them apart from universities in other countries is their emphasis on finding students that ‘fit’. They are seeking to admi ...
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ACT/SAT English Best Approach & What Must I Avoid?

9th March 2022

ACT/SAT English Best Approach & What Must I Avoid? Doing well on the English section of the ACT (section 1) or SAT (section 2) is pleasantly straightforward: learn the nine question types and the grammar rules tested within e ...
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Which other US colleges are like the Ivy League?

8th March 2022

Which other US colleges are like the Ivy League? Whether considering applying to the US for university or not, we all know the names of the top US colleges! If you are considering an American education, it makes sense to set ...
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The digital SAT: what do the changes mean for me?

1st February 2022

The digital SAT: what do the changes mean for me? For advice about choosing between the new Digital SAT and the ACT, read our recent Blog post here Last week, the College Board announced some fundamental changes to the SA ...
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What Are Deferrals & Best Next Steps if Deferred?

17th January 2022

What to do if you’ve been deferred If you applied early to a US college (via Early Decision, which is binding, or Early Action, which isn’t) then you will hear from the college usually sometime in December, but sometimes as l ...
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Clearing up Misconceptions about the Ivy League

15th December 2021

Ivy League Colleges When you ask most UK students which US universities they’re aiming for, it’s likely they will name several colleges that are part of the Ivy League—or will answer by simply saying ‘Ivy League colleges’! Th ...
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Applying to Creative Programmes

22nd November 2021

Applying to Creative Programmes The range and quality of creative programmes in the US is nothing short of incredible. There are world-leading programmes in a huge range of disciplines including music, film, creative writing, f ...
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What subjects can International Students choose?

12th November 2021

Choosing Subjects US colleges are well-known for allowing students flexibility with choosing a course of study: you don’t normally need to know what course you want to do when you apply, because you apply to universities, not ...
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Are Extracurricular Activities important?

3rd November 2021

Extracurricular Activities We’re all familiar with the image of the US college campus from films and TV: the dorms, quads, and dining halls filled with students studying and taking part in sport and activities together. Althou ...
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