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How should US applicants choose their A-Levels?

2nd June 2021

One of the main appeals of US colleges is the educational ethos and the flexibility of their undergraduate programmes. While specialisation is the norm in the A Level system, breadth is synonymous with the liberal arts and scien ...
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What are co-op programs and where can I take them?

17th May 2021

“I want to work in business.”“Having a successful career is important to me.”“I want to study somewhere where I'll be able to get good internships and work experience.”“I learn best in a hands-on way.” These are things that we ...
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Sports in US Colleges

4th May 2021

Whether you’re an elite athlete or an armchair spectator, there’s no denying that sports are a big deal in America. They’re just as big a deal in colleges – college sport is a pathway to the professional level, and college teams ...
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How Do I Access US Colleges' Virtual Resources?

20th April 2021

Over the past few months, we have been delighted to see life in the UK slowly returning to normal, reuniting with friends and family and enjoying small freedoms that had previously been on hold. But one part of pandemic life tha ...
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Can I Get Financial Aid to Attend a US College?

6th April 2021

Financing an American college education is expensive. The cost of attendance at US colleges can rise to $80,000 per year for the most expensive private colleges and flagship public colleges (for out of state students), including ...
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What are the different curricula at US colleges?

22nd March 2021

Location? Reputation? Campus? When students begin to make their college lists, these factors usually guide their choices. But one factor that's often overlooked, but extremely important, is the college’s curriculum. After all, a ...
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Why Study In Canada? 4 Reasons

22nd April 2020

In this guest post, David Hawkins of The University Guys explains why students are choosing to study in Canada. Why study in Canada? Over the time that I’ve been advising students on international university applications ...
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What was the Varsity Blues Scandal?

16th March 2019

 In light of the college admissions scandal that surfaced this week, we at UES thought it wise to give some guidance for students and parents who are concerned about the situation and want reassurance that they are getting profess ...
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US College Interviews

2nd November 2017

At this time of year, students applying to the US might start thinking about their interviews. Not everyone will be asked to an interview, and they can be a little confusing. What will they ask? Is it like an Oxbridge interview? W ...
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When Should I Start Preparing My US Applications?

16th October 2017

 At UES, we're often asked when is the best time to begin preparing to apply for college in America. Is it ever too early to start prepping for the SAT or ACT test? Applying to university in the US can be a confusing process, but ...
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