Free SAT/ACT Diagnostic Test

UES has developed a free online test to help you choose between the SAT and ACT.

The test will assess your English, Reading, Math, and Science/Data skills, all of which play a part in the SAT and ACT. Once you've completed it, you will receive a free, simple indication of whether you're more suited the SAT or the ACT based on your scores and speeds in the different sections.

You can also request full feedback, in which case you'll receive personal in-depth feedback, in a pdf report, on which areas are your strongest and what you need to work on. This costs £5.

(If you would like to pay in US Dollars  instead please follow this link , or to pay in Euros please click here .)

You don't need to choose to pay now - take the test and decide afterwards if you like! The basic analysis is always free.

Take the Diagnostic Test

The test will take between 1 hour and 90 minutes - please do not start unless you have that time available.

You will need:
Paper and pencils/pens for working
Some water to keep you hydrated

You should not use a calculator on any section!

Take the Diagnostic Test

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