Finance for US Colleges - In Depth

Finance for US Colleges - In Depth

Wednesday 15th September 2021, 1.30pm-2.30pm UK time
This session is intended for teachers and IECs as a follow up to the UES Conference session on financial aid this past June, or for teachers/advisors who would like to know more about financing college in the US. Joan Liu, university advisor at United World College in Singapore, will talk about what to do this term if you are (1) working with a student who NEEDS financial aid, or (2) working with a student who WANTS a scholarship. (The kid who cannot go to college without money vs the kid who prefers to go to a US college with more money). She'll do a deeper dive into what academic profile a student needs to get full financial aid; and an overview into how to use key resources such as Jennie Kent's Financial Aid List. If you attended the June session and want a follow up, or just know a bit about finance and want to understand more, this is a chance to learn more about this difficult area of advising, and how to maximize your students' chances for success in this upcoming cycle.
Additionally, we are very excited that Jennie Kent (as per the famous resources above) and Joe Morrison (founder of Concourse) will also be joining us! The three speakers make up arguably the most knowledgable trio of financial aid experts in the US.

Speaker Profiles
Joan Liu is a university advisor at UWC in Singapore. In 2018, she led a pro bono, global, grassroots effort to support 60+ Nepali students whose full scholarship were revoked by UT Tyler, due to a budgetary error on UT Tyler's part. This was widely recognized as one of the worst mistakes in the history of US admissions. With a grassroots team - "the Nepal Justice League" - 56 of these students were found, guided, and re-seated at new universities in six countries, with over 10 million in scholarships, after the admissions cycle had finished for that year. Joan now runs an initiative called Second Chance, which helps international students find new universities and scholarships in the post May 1st space.

Jennie Kent is a proud graduate of Northfield Mount Hermon School, received her B.A. from Skidmore College, and has a Masters in Education from Framingham State as well as a certificate in Independent Educational Consulting from UC Irvine. An active member of her associations, Jennie is a professional member of the IECA and has served on their Outreach, Global, and Nominating Committees, as faculty for Summer Training Institute, and also co-founded and leads a networking and learning space for newer members. She is a member of NACAC, the International ACAC, and the HECA, as well as a member of the Small Boarding Schools Association and the Enrollment Management Association. Convinced that transparency, access, and affordability are critical in admissions, Jennie annually compiles important admission and financial aid resources.

Joe Morrison is the founder and CEO of Concourse, an online platform on which universities apply for students (rather than the other way around), flipping the traditional admissions power dynamic. The company's mission is to increase global access to higher education by making admissions simpler, student-centric, and more equitable. A long-time technology entrepreneur, Joe previously developed computer music software, founded Canadian technology startup e-smith, inc., and built financial trading platforms for banks and hedge funds in New York. After shifting fields to education, Joe served as Managing Director at Grok Global Services, a leading provider of strategic consulting and in-country marketing services for universities.

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