Test Prep Packages

Our packages combine our diagnostic test, group courses, and private tutoring to get you ready for test day. Each of our packages also include our custom-made training materials, regular progress reports, and continued support throughout your time with us.

Test Starter - includes:

  • Diagnostic test with full feedback (valued at £9)
  • 20hr group Course (valued at £995)
  • 10hrs private tuition (valued at £1200/£1400/£1500)
  • Mock test (valued at £60)

Overall value with Tutor/Senior Tutor/Academic Director: £2264/£2464/£2564
Package price with Tutor/Senior Tutor/Academic Director: £1845/£2045/£2195

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Test Ready - includes:

  • Diagnostic test with full feedback (valued at £9)
  • 20hr group course (valued at £995)
  • 20hrs private tuition (valued at £2300/£2700/£3000)
  • 2 Mock tests (valued at £60 each)

Overall value with Tutor/Senior Tutor/Academic Director: £3424/£3824/£4124
Package price with Tutor/Senior Tutor/Academic Director: £2895/£3295/£3595

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For travel outside of our office, we charge an additional £25 per hour of return time to and from our office. For example, for a location 30 minutes from our office, we would charge an additional £25 for each lesson.

Whether SAT or ACT, our Group Courses are an excellent way to get to grips with the exams, very quickly.

We regularly run small-group intensive courses for the SAT and ACT at our teaching centre in Marylebone, at Florida State University's London Study Centre in Bloomsbury, or online. Taught by several highly experienced tutors who have passed the tests with full marks, the courses are designed to bring students up to a good level in a short space of time, so that they come away with a much increased understanding of the material in the test and the techniques needed to get a good score.

Our 20-hour Group Courses are designed for students who are fairly new to the test, who may have been practising alone or have done a short intro course, to improve technique and teach all the content of the test. Please be aware that all Courses involve homework to be completed between sessions.

We also offer individual tuition that can take place at our London teaching centre, at your home, or online. Using our diagnostic tools and bespoke test materials, we're able to identify those areas where you need to concentrate the most, building up your foundation of verbal and quantitative skills in the different areas that the test requires. Once you've mastered these, we'll focus on test technique, looking at how to put these skills into practice and focusing on question types and timed practice. Come test day you'll feel fully prepared, with both a deep understanding of the test content and the skills to tackle each section. Our tutors are all experienced professionals who have a perfect score in the sections they teach. They're not just knowledgeable: they're selected for their ability to communicate and motivate, ensuring your lessons are inspiring and fun.

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College Counselling
To view our services and related prices for college application support, please click below.

College Counselling

About our Senior Tutors and Academic Directors:
All of our tutors are experienced, have scored full marks on the test that they teach, and have a degree from a good university. Our Senior Tutors are very experienced and have taught hundreds of students, and are our most popular tutors. Our Academic Directors are our most experienced tutors and create our bespoke teaching materials for all the tests we teach. You can read more about our tutors here .

There may also be discounts available for referrals from our partner organisations; please contact us for more information.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have, or to book tuition or a place on a course.

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