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We work with many British and international students seeking a university education in the UK. With the number of universities to which students can apply through the UCAS system limited to five, students need to think carefully and strategically about their university choices. Our tutors include graduates from many of the top British universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, King's College London, Nottingham, Bristol, and many more. We draw from our knowledge of British universities to help students choose the degree programmes and institutions that match them.

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Entrance Tests

As competition for places at British universities increases, many institutions are requesting standardised test scores on top of the regular school curriculum. These tests provide an extra way of assessing students' academic aptitude and benchmark them against other applicants in their peer group. We work with students to prepare them for the whole range of British standardised tests. These include the UKCAT and BMAT tests that medical programmes require, as well as the MAT, Cambridge STEP paper and other subject specific tests.

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Personal Statements

The UCAS personal statement is a very important part of a student's application. It needs to communicate your enthusiasm for the subject, your intellectual curiosity, your readiness and suitability for an undergraduate programme in your chosen subject, and the extra-curricular activities that enrich your understanding or complement your studies. We help students to understand the requirements of the UCAS statement in terms of style and content and to present their talents and achievements in the best possible light.

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Interview Preparation

Interviews for Oxford and Cambridge have a formidable reputation, and it's true that they are designed to see how well students think under pressure. Before stepping into the interview room, there's a lot that students can do, however. They need to make sure they are thoroughly prepared in their subject and knowledge of the programme, have read widely and intelligently around the subject, and can think perceptively on their feet. We help students to prepare for this process by advising on how to prepare, anticipating questions that could arise, and simulating interview situations.

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