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We specialise in US and UK school and university entrance tests. For US college admissions we teach the SAT I, the ACT, the SAT Subject Tests (SAT II), and the PSAT. For Graduate admissions we teach both the GRE and GMAT tests. For US school admissions we teach the ISEE, SSAT, HSPT, and COOP, as well as the Common Entrance exam for UK schools. We also teach the UKCAT, MAT, PAT, STEP, and ECAA for UK university entrance.

Test Prep Packages

We offer a range of Test Prep packages designed to ensure that students are ready for test day. Our flexible packages combine our industry leading diagnostic test, intro courses, intensive group courses, expert private tuition, and mock tests, to build up the required knowledge and skills that the SAT/ACT tests require. Come test day you'll feel fully prepared, with both a deep understanding of the test content and the skills to tackle each section.

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Test Prep Packages

Individual Tuition

Our individual tuition is the most focused way to prepare for your entrance tests and can take place at our London teaching centre, at your home, or online. Using our diagnostic tools and bespoke test materials, we're able to identify those areas where you need to concentrate the most, building up your foundation of verbal and quantitative skills in the different areas that the test requires. Once you've mastered these, we'll focus on test technique, looking at how to put these skills into practice and focusing on question types and timed practice. Come test day you'll feel fully prepared, with both a deep understanding of the test content and the skills to tackle each section.

Our tutors are all experienced professionals who have a perfect score in the sections they teach. They're not just knowledgeable: they're selected for their ability to communicate and motivate, ensuring your lessons are inspiring and fun.

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GMAT/GRE Group Courses

We offer group courses for the GMAT and GRE designed to cover all the core skills you need for the GMAT and GRE from A to Z. Including 32 contact hours and small group sizes, our courses offer the chance to learn in a fun and stimulating environment and network with like-minded, motivated individuals with similar goals. Taught by Craig Cartier, one of Europe’s top GMAT/GRE experts, the courses feature an easy-to-follow style, breaking down complex ideas into simple, understandable parts.

GMAT/GRE Courses

Group Courses

Our group courses for the SAT and ACT are some of the most popular ways to prepare for the tests. Group courses are held throughout the year in each set of school holidays, with both two-day and week courses available. They're an intensive but fun way to get the skills and knowledge required to excel on the tests. Working with specialists in each section of the test, you'll study in both small classes and individually, as well as getting daily feedback on the essay component of the test. Students complete the courses with both a thorough understanding of the content and skills that the tests require and the knowledge of how to prepare for test day.

Course Dates

We also run group SAT and ACT courses for schools. Our partners include some of the leading schools in the UK, Channel Islands, and Europe, including Charterhouse, Brighton College, KCS Wimbledon, Careers Jersey, and the International School of Brussels. Schools courses take place on a weekly basis during term time or are offered intensively during the holidays. To find out if your school offers a group course programme, contact the school directly or email us at

Online tuition

For those students who live further afield, we offer test preparation online via Zoom, Skype, or similar platforms. It's a great way to access support without having to travel, while maintaining all of the support and focus you'd expect from one to one lessons. Many students who board also combine individual tuition in the holidays with online support during term-time, and if you travel regularly it can be a great way to stay in touch with your test tutor during the holidays.

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Mock Tests

Practice makes perfect with standardised tests! We run regular mock tests for all exams either online, at our offices in London or at Florida State University's London Campus in Bloomsbury. Results and feedback (complete with essay scoring) are sent to you within a few days, so you can see your progress towards the real test.

Mock Tests

Other services

We don't just help students with test preparation! We also offer support in all of the other aspects of college applications, including choosing colleges, writing your college essays, and completing your applications. For more information, head over to our 'US Applications' pages.

US Applications

How we teach

Our tutors teach with passion and determination, instilling students with the motivation needed to reach their target scores. They do this by understanding each student’s strengths and adapting tuition to their learning style. We pride ourselves on providing engaging, personalised, and dynamic lessons for every student.

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