Support for US College Applications

There are many elements that go towards a successful set of college applications. These include putting together a great academic and extracurricular profile, choosing a broad range of suitable colleges, and writing reflective and engaging college essays. UES provides support with each of these areas of US applications, and we also provide a full-service consultancy that guides students all the way through the US college application process.

Full-Service Consultancy

If you want expert advice and personalised support and mentoring from a dedicated advisor throughout the US applications process, then you might be interested in our consultancy service. Our team of experienced advisors to help you navigate the complex US admissions process. This could include advice on standardised testing, choosing colleges, applying for scholarships and funding, preparing an artistic portfolio or musical audition, drafting college essays, and planning an early application.

Full Service Consultancy Flexible Application Support

Essay Workshops

We run regular college essay workshops at schools and at our London Study Centre in Marylebone throughout the year. These workshops introduce students to the style and content of personal essays (such as the Common Application essay) and college-specific essays, along with examples and analysis of successful essays. Attendees get a copy of our US College Essay Guidance pack, which includes in-depth information about essays, sample essays, and helpful worksheets.

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Sports Scholarships

The sports scholarship route to college is a different pathway to the conventional academic route. Sports scholarships applications are governed by NCAA regulations, and most sports scholarships are available for athletes at NCAA Division I or II colleges. Applicants should typically expect to be competing in their sport/event at a regional to national level to be under consideration for a sports scholarship. There are strict guidelines in place for what is and is not permissible for student athletes, and we advise getting external advice from our sports scholarship consultancy partners before going down this path.

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UCAS and Global College Counselling

We don’t just advise students on US applications: we work with college counsellors who advise students on applications worldwide, including popular destinations such as the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Italy, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand. We also offer guidance on students wishing to apply through UCAS to a UK university.

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Professional Standards

As members of International ACAC, we are governed by the National Association for College Admission Counseling’s code of ethics and professional practice. For more information on how this code governs our work, please read here .

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