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There are many elements that go towards a successful set of college applications. These include putting together a great academic and extracurricular profile, choosing a broad range of suitable colleges, and writing reflective and engaging college essays. UES provides support with each of these areas of US applications, and we also provide a full-service consultancy that guides students all the way through the US college application process.

College Counselling Service

If you want expert advice and mentoring from a dedicated advisor throughout the US applications process, then you might be interested in our college counselling service. Our team of experienced advisors can help you navigate the complex US admissions process. This includes advice on choosing colleges, demonstrating interest, standardised testing, scholarships and funding, preparing an artistic portfolio or musical audition, writing college essays, completing applications, and applying via an early admissions programme.

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Tutoring and Courses

We offer expert private tuition and group courses tailored to the knowledge and skills required for the SAT and ACT. Our specialist tutors are all experienced professionals who have a perfect score in the sections they teach. They're not just knowledgeable: they're selected for their ability to communicate and motivate, ensuring lessons are inspiring and fun.

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Choosing Colleges

There's a US college and a programme to suit every student. Are you looking for a large research university, a small liberal arts college, or a technical college? Do you want a rigorous core curriculum, or a flexible programme where you can shape your own course of study? It’s important to think about these questions before embarking on the application process. Colleges make their decisions not just on grades, but on fit – they’re looking for those students who match the college’s academic approach and culture on campus. We offer college counselling sessions that identify what you’re seeking from your college experience and where you’re likely to make a successful application.

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College Essays

Great college essays let admissions officers get to know you and assess whether you’d be a good fit at their institution. They also show them that you’re genuinely interested in attending at that particular college. College essays should be much more reflective and personal than a UCAS personal statement and it’s important to understand the difference in style. Most selective colleges will ask for supplemental essays on top of your main college essay – these should show what you would offer in terms of your contribution to the life of the college, and how you could fulfil your academic and extracurricula. We offer individual essay advice and feedback sessions in person or online. If you want an overview of college essays and where to start, you may benefit from joining.

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Financial Support

Planning how to finance your college education is a vital part of the application process. Only a handful of colleges are need blind for international applicants, meaning they separate your financial status from the admissions process and will finance whatever you need to attend. Other colleges are need aware, meaning they will only offer places to students if they can meet your demonstrated financial need. Many universities will offer merit scholarships for international students (as distinct from financial aid) that reward academic ability or a talent in a particular field. For gifted athletes, we offer links to sports scholarship organisations who advise on the recruitment process, which is very different to the conventional academic route (for more information see below). Our advisors can give you advice on how to apply for financial aid or scholarships and help you to maximise your chances of success.

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Sports Scholarships

The US offers facilities, coaching, and athletic standards that are second to none. Although many students have aspirations to gaining a sports scholarship in the US, places are extremely competitive. We can offer links to reputable sports scholarships consultancies that offer honest advice about your chances of success as a student athlete, ensure your NCAA eligibility (the organisation that governs most college athletics), present your talent in a way that maximises your appeal, and broker relationships with suitable coaches and colleges that fit your academic and sporting level.

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