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Gap Year Options

24th June

Gap years give students a chance to experience the world outside the classroom before returning to further study. They are an opportunity to gain independence, develop skills and experience, and further knowledge: no wonder they ...
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Madrid Universities

10th May

Our college counsellor Martine travelled to sunny Spain and visited two excellent universities in Madrid: SLU Madrid and ESCP’s Madrid campus. Both institutions give students an excellent experience, with the former focused on a ...
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Questions for students to ask their counsellors

22nd April

What questions should students ask their school counsellors? Schools’ careers and counselling departments are crucial tools for students when they’re preparing to make their university applications. They should be supporting ...
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Joint Degree and Multiple-Country Programmes

23rd February

Joint Degree and Multiple-Country Programmes For students who want to explore the world by studying abroad, a joint degree programme is a great option. In a joint degree programme, students spend part of their t ...
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Reverse Admissions with Concourse

31st January

The Power of Reverse Admissions with Concourse Global “I was struggling. Year 13 is the hardest workload, and then adding on college applications and having to write all these essays, and putting hours and hours upon making sur ...
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Affirmative Action and US Applications

15th January

On 29 June 2023, the Supreme Court ended the longstanding practice  of affirmative action, which gave positive consideration to race in a student’s university application. However, students are still able to describe within th ...
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Florida Blog part 2

19th December 2023

Over the summer, our College Counsellor Martine visited Florida colleges as part of a counsellor bus tour. The Sunshine State is home to options for all different types of students: the previous instalment of the blog, linked h ...
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US University Interviews

27th November 2023

US University Interviews In November for Early applicants, and January/February for Regular Decision applicants, students applying to the US might start thinking about their interviews. Generally, US college interviews are fa ...
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Florida Colleges Blog – Part 1

2nd October 2023

When making your college list, be sure to consider Florida—the Sunshine State—as it has a range of hidden gems to offer. Located in settings from bustling Miami and Tampa to serene coastal retreats, the state's colleges provide ...
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Practicalities when studying abroad

5th September 2023

Are you thinking of studying in the US or abroad, or have you already accepted an offer from an overseas university? It’s a time to feel excited about all the opportunities that await you, but it’s also good to take some precaut ...
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