Mock US Admissions Event

UES Mock US Admissions Event

We host regular Mock Admissions evenings for students, parents and teachers. Check back here for the date of our next one.

This is our major annual event for students, attended by over 100 students, parents and teachers. They are completely free for students, parents and teachers.

This interactive, fun evening is aimed at students thinking of applying to the US, their parents, and any teachers or school counsellors who deal with US applications. It will involve a mock admissions activity in small groups, where students and parents play the part of an admissions officer choosing between students applying to the different colleges. This allows them to get a deep insight into how admissions officers make their decisions, which gives students a big advantage when it comes to making their US applications.

Each group will be helped by an experienced admissions expert. Senior admissions professionals at several leading US universities will be attending, including:

Ben Baum , Vice President of Enrollment at St John's College, Annapolis & Santa Fe
James Farrell
, Director of London Office, University of Southern California (USC)
Lisa Mortini , Assistant Director of Admissions at New York University (NYU)
Seth Walker , Associate Director of International Admissions Recruitment at Indiana University

For teachers, as well as completing the admissions task, the event includes Q&A sessions with the admissions officers of the attending colleges.

Highlights include:

  • Chance to see what goes on in the mind of an admissions officer at a top US college
  • The opportunity to get feedback directly from admissions officers
  • An insight into how decisions are made, and what sort of students colleges are looking for
  • The chance to meet lots of other students applying to the US

The event is  free for students , parents and teachers. Check back here or contact us for the date of the next one.

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