Past Webinars

Studying in Canada

Monday 6th November 2023
5pm UK Time

Martine Gagnon, College Counsellor at UES Education, Charterhouse, and Wetherby, speaks with admissions officers from Canada's three top universities, located in Canada's most vibrant cities. They will answer questions, discuss admissions, requirements, programmes of study, and much more. Students interested in studying in the land of ice hockey, poutine, and the great outdoors should join to learn more about Canada's world class academics!

Digital SAT Update July 2023

Monday 3rd July, 5-6pm UK time
Dan Escott, Academic Director of UES, joins Jason Smith to talk about the experience so far of the Digital SAT. How has the rollout been? Have there been any issues? How does it compare to the ACT, and what do students think so far?

Join to find out what students should be considering when choosing a test, and how they should be preparing this summer and beyond.

How to Plan Your Summer Wisely

Wednesday 21st June, 5-6pm UK time
5pm UK Time

Victor Thomas, Deputy Director of Admissions at Washington University in St. Louis (WashU), will join Jason Smith, Founder of UES, to discuss what students applying to the US for college should think about when planning their summers. How important are internships? Should they do courses at universities? Should they be visiting colleges? Victor and Jason will discuss how admissions officers view these activities, and how students can make the most of their summers while still having fun.

US Applications 2023-24

Wednesday 14th June, 8-9pm UK time

Founder of UES, Jason Smith, will be joined by David Hawkins, Founder of The University Guys, to discuss the upcoming US university application cycle. They'll talk about the latest admissions trends, admit rates, and difficult topics such as why you can't rely on university rankings.

Essential viewing for all potential US applicants, their families and their schools! Your questions will be answered live.

Studying in The Netherlands

Tuesday 13th June 2023
5pm UK Time

English-taught programmes with an international outlook, The Netherlands is a popular university destination for UK-based students. In this info session, Martine Gagnon, college counsellor at UES Education, discusses Dutch courses and universities with José Hanani Juma, External Engagement Officer at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. They will talk about the types of institutions, the application process, current trends and the evolution of admission rules in The Netherlands. Students and parents will have the chance to ask questions live!

Study in Lisbon, Paris, and Berlin with Forward College

Tuesday 16 May 2023

Learn more about obtaining your International Bachelor's Degrees by studying in 3 European capitals in English over 3 years! Martine Gagnon, college counsellor at UES Education, speaks with Christophe Castiglioni, Head of International Student Recruitment at Forward College.

Students interested in degrees in Politics & International Relations, Economics, Economics & Politics, Data Science, Psychology, and more, should join to learn about the opportunities for a fully international experience, real-life projects, and a personal development programmes which will bolster their future professional life. Students have the chance to broaden their horizons by studying abroad within an international cohort, gaining valuable experience for the job market alongside their studies. Students and parents will have the chance to ask questions live!

US Universities Online Panel Event

Tuesday 2 May 2023

Charterhouse and UES Education will be hosting a US Universities Panel Event online for pupils and parents who are interested in applying to US universities. In this webinar, Martine Gagnon, College Counsellor at UES Education, will be joined by four fantastic university reps. It's a great opportunity to learn more about the institutions, programs, campus life, and the kind of students they are looking for. We will discuss the application process, whether colleges really are test optional, and how to highlight your extracurricular profile.

Universities attending were:

  • Babson
  • NYU
  • University of Chicago
  • Tulane

The Digital SAT - Latest Update

Wednesday 30th November, 5.30-6.30pm UK time
The new, Digital SAT is being rolled out in March 2023. UES has been working tirelessly to put together information and courses for the new format. We're now in a position to confidently give advice to students as to test choice and preparation plans.

Jason Smith (Founder) and Dan Escott (Academic Director) of UES will lay out the changes, and what this means for students. They'll cover the questions types, how to prepare, differences compared to the ACT, and how it will affect extra-time (accommodations) students.

They will also predict what this means for the ACT longer term, and will answer all your questions live.

Last-Minute International Applications

Wednesday 16th November, 5.30-6.30pm UK time
The deadline for university applications is coming up. If you're in Year 13 (grade 12 or Senior Year), and you suddenly decide to apply internationally, what should you do?

Jason Smith and Simon Lewis of UES discuss what these sorts of students need to be doing, and will offer some ideas about how and where they can apply that will make things easier and applications more successful, even at this late stage. They'll discuss countries, deadlines, essays, references, and testing.

Applying to McGill, Canada

Wednesday 9th November, 5pm-6pm UK time
Martine Gagnon, College Counsellor at UES Education and Charterhouse, speaks with Karen J'Bari, Senior Admissions Officer at McGill University. They will discuss the admissions process, requirements for A-Level and IB students, programmes of study, and much more. Students interested in an English university education within a vibrant French city in Canada are encouraged to join!

International Application Trends: Tales from the UK

Wednesday 2nd November, 4.30-5.30pm UK time
Anne Richardson, Director of Student Advising at the American School in London, will be joined by Jason Smith of UES, to discuss what they are seeing with this year's international university applicants. There are some interesting trends!

SAT/ACT Accommodations - How to Get Extra Time on the SAT and ACT

Thursday 20th October, 6-7pm UK time
Getting extra time, or other 'accommodations', on the SAT and ACT can be daunting, with various organisations to contend with and lots of strange nuances. Jason Smith of UES will give an overview of the Accommodations process for the SAT and ACT - ie the process of applying for extra time on these tests. He will go over the method from the student's perspective, and then from the school's viewpoint.

Back to School: International Applications in the 2022-23 Cycle

Wednesday 28th September 2022

Back to school webinar! Jason Smith of UES will give an overview of what US applications are looking like this round, and what we can expect with regards testing (especially the new SAT!) Open to teachers, students, and parents. All questions answered live.

Predictions for International Applications 2022

Wednesday 29th June, 5.30-6.30pm
Jason Smith (UES Education) and David Hawkins (The University Guys) reprise their tradition of making wild yet uncannily accurate predictions for the future of international admissions. Join us live to hear what lies in store for the Class of 2027 - how competitive will applications be, where should students be considering, and how can they best make themselves stand out in the near-post-Covid world?

Alternative International Study Programmes

Wednesday 22nd June, 5-6pm UK time
Not all US university programmes are the same: some allow study abroad, some have co-op programmes, and some encourage time at different campuses (and even other universities!) Tune in to hear from a panel representing a range of exciting international study programmes offering an alternative experience of higher education.

US Universities Panel Event

Thursday 9th June, 7pm UK time
Charterhouse and UES Education will be hosting a US Universities Panel Event online for pupils and parents who are particularly interested in applying to US universities. Applying to American universities can be a confusing task, especially with so many places to choose from and the differences in application processes. In this webinar, Martine Gagnon, College Counsellor at UES Education, will be joined by four fantastic university reps. They will take you through why more students than ever are applying to America, and what makes a strong application. They'll cover all the important bits, including the SAT and ACT, and will be able to answer all your questions live.

What are 'Good' Extracurriculars?

Wednesday 8th June, 4.30-5.30pm
US college applications are famously holistic, meaning that admissions officers look at a student's whole profile, not just their grades. This means colleges care about what students do outside of school - their extracurricular activities. But what actually matters? What level do they have to be at in say sports or music? And what qualities do colleges look for? In this webinar Jason Smith (UES) will discuss with Jim Reddy (Head of US Applications at Uppingham School) and Kasia Fletcher (Master in Charge of US Universites at Harrow School) about what successful US applicants do to enhance their profiles.

US Sports Scholarships 2022

Tuesday 31st May, 5-6pm UK time
Join Jason Smith (UES Education) and two highly experienced sports players and consultants from Aspire USA: Brett Taylor (Rugby) and Jack Barmby (Soccer) to discuss what it takes to get a scholarship in the US now. They will talk about the differences between the divisions, how much money you could expect, how good your level must be, and alternative ways in - such as applying academically but using sports as a 'hook'.

About Jack:
Jack Barmby is a former professional football player having played at Manchester United, in the Premiership winning Leicester city team, Hartlepool and Notts County. Jack played in the MLS for the Portland Timbers, and in the USL for San Antonio FC and Phoenix Rising. He now supports UK students seeking soccer scholarships in America.

Creative US College Applications

Wednesday 18th May 2022
Are you interested in following a creative path at university? Join Martine Gagnon, College Counsellor at UES, for a Q&A session with Olivia Anderson, Associate Director of Admissions at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), and learn more about their creative programmes in everything from the arts to design to writing, as well as their four different campuses.

The session will also explore how students can start preparing a portfolio to support their university applications - whether that be for art, design, photography, music, drama, or anything else creative!

Life after College: what do employers think of US graduates?

Wednesday 30th March 2022
Parents and students are rightly concerned about students' job prospects after attending university, and whether the cost of international education, particularly in the US, is worth it. A common question is, "If I haven't heard of this university, how will my child possibly get a job afterwards?" The prospects, however, for US college graduates are extremely good, with students from Liberal Arts degrees highly sought after at top companies, regardless of whether the college is an Ivy League or similar.

In this webinar, representatives from companies across a range of sectors (Finance, Law, and Engineering) explain what qualities they look for in graduates, and why the name of the university matters far less than you might think.

Testing Strategies - SAT vs ACT and Test Optional

Wednesday 16th February 2022
Standardised testing never gets any easier, and there is now the tricky question of whether to submit scores to test-optional colleges at all. Despite this, more people are testing in the UK than ever.

Jason Smith (Director) and Dan Escott (Academic Director) will discuss what the current testing trends are, how to choose between the SAT and ACT, and how colleges view the scores. They will also delve into when the optimal time to start is, how long to prepare for, and when to stop!

US Applications 2022

Monday 24th January 2022
Jason Smith and Simon Lewis give their predictions for the next round of applications and discuss why students and families might take on external support for their university applications - particularly for American applications. They discuss what made up successful applications this time around, what students and families miss when trying to do it themselves, and why UK schools struggle to provide as much support as they would like.

College Counselling for US Applications

Tuesday 30th November 2021
US admissions have always been holistic and complex, but in the last two years applications have become ultra competitive, with 23% more applications from the UK last year, and a similar increase predicted this year. Admit rates at the most selective colleges are now in the low single-figure percentages.

Jason Smith and Simon Lewis discuss why so many students and families choose external support for their university applications - particularly for American applications. They discuss all the moving parts of a good application, what students and families miss when trying to do it themselves, and why even the best UK schools can't provide as much support as they would like.

Accommodations - Extra Time for the SAT and ACT

Tuesday 9th November 2021
Alys Langdale, Head of International University Guidance at Marlborough College, UK, and Jason Smith, Director of UES, discuss the ins and outs of getting extra time (or other special accommodations) on the SAT and ACT, and why the process seems so difficult.

Marlborough College is an exception in that it hosts the ACT including extra time, which means they see students from across the UK and Europe, whilst sending their SAT students elsewhere. It doesn't have to be this way, and Jason and Alys will talk about what students and their schools can do to smooth the process.

Finance for US Colleges - In Depth

Wednesday 15th September 2021
This session is intended for teachers and IECs as a follow up to the UES Conference session on financial aid this past June, or for teachers/advisors who would like to know more about financing college in the US.

Joan Liu, university advisor at United World College in Singapore, will talk about what to do this term if you are (1) working with a student who NEEDS financial aid, or (2) working with a student who WANTS a scholarship.

US Colleges Panel Event

Wednesday 8th September 2021
Director of UES, Jason Smith, will be kicking off the new term with a live panel event featuring a range of interesting US colleges. They will be talking about:

  • The difference between different types of US colleges
  • Why students should be considering a wide range of colleges they might have never heard of
  • What students can do to improve their chances in this era of hyper-selective admissions
  • Why it's not all about grades and test scores
  • The variability in cost between colleges

Demonstrated Interest: How to show universities that you really want to go there!

Wednesday 9th June 2021
In this webinar Megan Mankerian-Stem of Creighton University, Marylyn Scott of the African Leadership Academy, Sam Wong of Hong Kong Baptist University, and Jason Smith of UES talk about what Demonstrated Interest is and how you can use it to your advantage.

UES Annual Conference

Monday 7th June 2021
Our annual conference aimed at teachers who handle US applications, including Overseas Universities Advisors, Heads of Careers, and Heads of Sixth Form. Attendees have the opportunity to interact with and ask questions of the most knowledgeable professionals in the world of international university applications.

The Lifecycle of a US College Application Webinar

Wednesday 19th May 2021
Lisa Mortini, Assistant Director of Admissions at NYU, is joined by Jason Smith of UES, to discuss what happens after a student hits 'Submit' on their application form. Lisa will explain what colleges look out for in applications, what might raise red flags, where things like test scores come into play at a test-optional college (or test-flexible in the case of NYU), and what is really meant by 'holistic' admissions.

SAT and ACT: How Will Tests Be Seen This Year? - Webinar

Wednesday 12th May 2021
An update on what's happened with the SAT and ACT, and how scores will likely be viewed by colleges this year.

US College Applications Review of the Year and Predictions Webinar

Tuesday 4th May 2021
A look at what happened in the last round of US college applications, including why there were so many more applicants from the UK this year, and why some colleges have suddenly become so much more competitive.

Sports Scholarships 2021

Wednesday 17th February 2021
An update on what's going on with sports scholarships in America this year from Rob Thomas (of Sporting Elite USA) and Jason Smith (of UES Education).

US Application Update Webinar

Wednesday 3rd February 2021
An update on the recent SAT changes, and what's happening this year in the world of US college applications.

Review of the Year 2020

Wednesday 16th December 2020
Jason will be joined by David Hawkins of the University Guys for a review of the year, from the perspective of international university applicants.

Where in the World is Wake Forest? - Facebook Live

Wednesday 4th November 2020
Jason chatted live with Niki McInteer, Associate Dean of International Admissions at Wake Forest University, North Carolina. They answered your questions about US admissions in general, and discussed why Wake Forest has such an excellent reputation nationally and internationally, both academically and in terms of its location. Tune in to learn more!

Tennis and Other Sports Scholarships in the USA

Wednesday 28th October 2020
This week, Jason is chatting live with Sarah Borwell, former British number one ranked tennis player in doubles, and owner of Tennis Smart, a sports consultancy training and advising young tennis players aiming for college in the USA. Sarah and Jason will be discussing what it takes to get a sports scholarship, how students should promote themselves to coaches, and what the situation is at colleges in the USA at the moment.

Graduate Panel Event- Webinar

Thursday 22nd October 2020
Jason Smith, Director of UES, speaks with experts about graduate programmes like the MBA, and about the GMAT and GRE - the entrance tests for such programmes.

Study in Australia or New Zealand! - Facebook Live

Wednesday 21st October 2020
Our Director Jason was joined by Stefan Watts, Director of Study Options, who helps students apply to university down under. Tune in to hear why you should consider it, and what it takes to get into one of the great universities in the antipodes!

Sports at US colleges - Webinar

Wednesday 14th October 2020
A chance to speak with experts on the complex topic of sports and sports scholarships in the USA

US College Q&A Panel Event

Wednesday 7th October 2020
US College Panel with admissions officers from some great universities in America.

The standardised testing landscape - autumn 2020 Webinar

Wednesday 30th September 2020
An update on what's happening with the SAT and ACT with regards to US admissions.

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