Teacher Training for US Applications and Tests

We provide training for teachers at schools. This includes the following:

  • Training and support for teachers in charge of managing students' US college applications, which includes all aspects of the application process
  • Essay workshops for teachers who help students with their Common App, UC, and supplementary application essays
  • Teacher-training for the SAT and ACT tests, so that schools may teach the tests to their own students.
  • Regular, free newsletters keeping schools up to date on developments in the US college application landscape.

SAT/ACT Teacher Training

The SAT/ACT training for teachers is known as our UES Smartchoice programme, which is a useful option for schools further afield, or where schools would prefer to be able to offer US services in house.

Our UES Smartchoice programme provides schools with a licence for our materials and training for teachers to deliver a full SAT or ACT course to their own students. The programme consists of the following:

  • Training (at your school or online) from our most experienced SAT and ACT Head Tutors;
  • A full package of reference materials for teachers;
  • Course materials for your students;
  • Ongoing expert guidance on US applications and tests.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if this programme or any other training option is of interest to you. We would be delighted to help you.

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