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An alternative admissions test to the SAT , the ACT is accepted by all American colleges and universities, and may suit someone who enjoys science more than English. Our tutors provide expert, highly-focused tuition for the ACT, and we can help you decide if this test is right for you.

ACT and Computer-Based Testing

From September 2018, the ACT (outside of the US) has been taken on computer, except in circumstances where students have special accommodations and can take it on paper. The tests are exactly the same in format and length as the paper test (still taken in the US), with the only difference being that students read and answer the questions on screen. There is scratch paper available for working, and students can still bring in their own calculators.

Where are the ACT computer-based tests held?

The ACT is held in external test centres. The list of test centres around London is available here .

When are the ACT tests be held?

Rather than just being held on Saturday mornings, students are able to take the tests on Friday mornings, Friday afternoons, Saturday mornings, or Saturday afternoons, in some months. The full list of dates is available here .

Should I take the SAT instead?

We think students should still choose the test that is right for them based on content. Take a look at both tests and consider taking a diagnostic test like  this one from UES . Generally speaking your academic profile will determine which test is better for you, dependent particularly on how good your maths/science is and how fast you can process information.

How should I prepare for the Computer-Based ACT?

As with all tests, preparation and practice is the key. However, most students will get some sort of help, via courses or tuition. This is because there is a new technique and lots of new content to learn.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you practise as much as possible, and ask for help if you need it!

Tuition and Courses

Our expert tutors have all passed the ACT with full marks and are highly adept at helping their students achieve great scores. They will assess your needs and provide specialist, tailor-made private tutoring using our custom teaching materials. Within a motivational and supportive environment, they will explain the best way to get to the right answers very quickly, and make sure the student has an excellent grasp of the underlying topics.

Tuition and Courses

We provide a comprehensive package of tuition that begins with a diagnostic test that identifies the areas of the ACT exam that the student is best at and those that he or she requires more help with, be it English, science or maths. Your tutor will use these results within their lessons to improve the student's abilities, and increase their speed and technique so as to get the best score possible. Furthermore, we will provide all the necessary books, regular progress reports, and all the support you need. We also run one-week courses for the ACT in London. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs, or to ask any questions at all about the ACT or our tuition.

Tuition and Courses

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