SAT/ACT Diagnostic Test for Schools

Help students decide which test is right for them, for minimal effort and cost.

Our SAT/ACT Diagnostic test is being used worldwide in schools where students have to choose between these tests. Its simple administration, high accuracy, clear reports, and in-depth feedback make it a valuable resource for schools.

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Why Take an SAT/ACT Diagnostic Test?

Only a small percentage of students perform equally well on both the SAT and ACT: the vast majority are better suited to one or the other. Accurate diagnostic testing ensures that students make decisions based on evidence, not prejudice. It matches students to a test and identifies gaps in ability at the start of the preparation process, maximising their score potential and saving valuable time.

Accurate and Efficient

Many students sit both tests (taking 6-8 hours) and then compare their performance. However, these results are skewed because students underperform on their first test sitting and are not used to the test technique. The UES Diagnostic takes a different approach: we measure the key competencies students need to succeed at each test in under two hours, but with 98% accuracy of test recommendation.

Powerful Algorithm

The UES Diagnostic Test’s algorithm is aimed at 10th Graders and looks at core competencies to make an accurate test recommendation and score prediction:

  • Ability in different areas of math and grammar
  • Aptitude in reading comprehension and data analysis
  • Timing on different question types

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Clear Reports. Valuable Feedback.

Our reports are tailored to students’ and your school’s needs. They include:

  • An evidence-based test recommendation for each student
  • Analysis of students’ ability in math, grammar, reading, and data analysis
  • Score-range prediction
  • Comprehensive data summarizing and comparing your school’s cohort

Reports are collated and sent electronically to the school within hours, ready to be provided to parents and students.

" With all the changes in U.S. college testing internationally, the UES SAT/ACT Diagnostic Test is fast becoming an essential tool in our college/university counseling process at ASL. "

Anne K.W. Richardson, Director of Academic Advising and College Counseling, The American School in London

Simple Setup

Leading international schools worldwide have opted for the UES SAT/ACT Diagnostic, and have even replaced established annual tests. Schools can administer the test in a group setting (over multiple session is necessary), or students can take the test at home in their own time. It’s easily run via a unique URL and password.

To discuss how you can administer the UES Diagnostic Test in your school with minimal effort and at low cost, contact us today. We'll follow up with details including pricing.

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Key Benefits

The UES Diagnostic Test doesn't just tell students which test is best. It also gives you:

  • Simple administration online, with free, live telephone support
  • Can be taken over two or more sessions
  • In-depth feedback on strengths and weaknesses, which can be used by teachers in school
  • A score-range prediction
  • Advice on how to prepare, with no promotion of tuition or courses
  • Data for your whole school and comparisons to similar schools
  • A more useful and better value test than established alternatives
  • Costs less than $5 per student (depending on numbers)

Try out a simple version and we'll send you details of how to administer it easily in your school!

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Please contact us to ask us any questions and to find out how we can help you and your students with their decisions. We'll send you details including pricing.

Students can also take our Diagnostic Test and pay for it themselves at - but you won't get a collated report, and their feedback will go directly to them and contain references to our own services.

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