Colorado College Tour Blog Post 1

Posted on 17th August 2022

Colorado College Tour Blog Post 1

With three hundred days of sunshine, the majestic Rocky Mountains, and the mile-high metropolis of Denver, the state of Colorado is a fantastic university destination for those who love the great outdoors! After the International ACAC conference this July, UES Education had the opportunity to visit eight universities in Centennial State.

The tour started in Colorado Springs where we visited Colorado College (  and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS)

Colorado College is known for its innovative Block Plan where its student population of 2,200 gains an excellent liberal arts education by focusing on one class at a time for 3.5 weeks on a lush, green, and peaceful campus that’s only a fifteen-minute walk from the centre of a bustling college town. There are two satellite campuses outside of Colorado Springs (in Divide and Baca), where students can participate in educational retreats and exchanges surrounded by tranquillity and nature. CC offers excellent academics, with over 80 majors and minors, for adventurous, engaged, and dynamic learners; students are supported by teachers and advisors in all areas of their lives throughout their college experience.

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) is located further north of the city centre and boasts impressive views across the Rocky Mountains to the west. It is home to approximately 11,500 students, with popular majors in Business and Engineering. UCCS is a top-tier institution that welcomes a high proportion of first-generation college students by making education accessible and affordable. Students can expect hands-on learning experiences, a vibrant school spirit, and energetic campus life.

With stunning views of Pike’s Peak, over 300 miles of hiking and cycling trails, the Manitou Springs incline, and access to superb ski resorts, Colorado Springs is a college town for students who wish to enhance their educations with culture and outdoor adventure!

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