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Posted on 31st January 2024

The Power of Reverse Admissions with Concourse Global

“I was struggling. Year 13 is the hardest workload, and then adding on college applications and having to write all these essays, and putting hours and hours upon making sure the essays were good, plus working on other parts of my university applications, and at the end of the day, you’re deciding your future. It was very stressful.”

Isaac, a student from Colombia, recounted his experience applying to college. He shared the “agonizing” amount of time spent tailoring his applications to schools he wasn’t sure he could get into, simply because he didn’t know how to find other institutions that might be a good fit.

Isaac’s experience isn’t unique. According to a survey conducted by The National Association for College Admission Counselling, more than half of students reported that applying to university has been their most stressful academic experience to date. With more than 4,000 institutions in the United States alone, students need to overcome a number of obstacles - identifying good fit colleges, writing essays, making sure their scores are what the school is looking for, and then actually completing applications. The process is overwhelming for even the most organized, well-resourced student.

Since the US admission process is so different from that in the UK, many students struggle to navigate the university application process while managing a rigorous academic schedule. One thing that can make this easier is reverse admissions, revolutionized by Concourse, through which the college ‘applies’ to the student. In reverse admissions, the college searches for the student; the programme identifies you; the money finds you; you can be placed year-round, and there is no rejection!  

Reverse Admissions vs. Direct Admissions

The terms direct admissions and reverse admissions are often used interchangeably; however, there are a few very important differences.

Direct admissions is an approach in which institutions inform students that they will be guaranteed acceptance upon application, assuming the students meet the minimum academic criteria. Whilst knowing they will be accepted can relieve some of the stress for students, they must still complete the application process for each institution they’d like to be admitted to. Furthermore, these guarantees rarely share information on specific majors available to the students, much less any merit scholarships or financial aid packages they may be eligible for. Being informed of a likely acceptance removes some of the unknowns, but with the remaining considerations, it can still take a toll on students.

In reverse admissions, students create short profiles, listing information such as their grades, budget, interests, etc. Universities that meet the students’ search criteria are then able to review an anonymized version of the students’ profiles and send direct offers of admission and scholarship to the student.

What separates reverse vs. direct admissions is that students are not simply sent an “invitation to apply” based on their GPA- rather, they receive official offers of admission that include relevant programs and scholarships. From there, students can engage with the offers and the university officials to ask questions, gather more information, and ultimately make a more informed decision. 

Benefits of Reverse Admissions through Concourse

1. Creates access- Since its beginning, Concourse has  been committed to creating higher education opportunities. Each month, universities review college-bound students from all over the world. Offers are made to students in search for programs and opportunities that are a good academic and financial fit.

2. Expands opportunities- Concourse partners with institutions worldwide, breaking down geographical barriers and connecting students with opportunities they may not have otherwise discovered. (To date, more than 200 institutions are participating with more joining every week.)

3. Simplifies the process- The higher education landscape can be overwhelming, with too many institutions, programs, and countries to consider. Concourse eases this burden by eliminating the need for excessive standardized testing and complex application materials.

4. Reduces stress and empowers students- By bringing real offers of admission directly to students, they are able to make more informed decisions that align with their goals and values.

Reverse admissions through the Concourse platform provides a clear and accessible path for students to pursue their educational goals without the anxiety and uncertainty often associated with the traditional application process. By reducing stress and increasing access, Concourse is helping to level the playing field and ensuring that education remains an attainable dream for all who seek it.

And as for Isaac?

“I remember the first offer I received - it felt amazing. When I got it, I called my parents, I called my grandma, I called everyone and told them that I had somewhere to go. I had a future. Concourse saved me.” 

*Isaac accepted his Concourse offer to Forward College and began classes in August 2023.

If you’d like to learn more about reverse admissions, please visit the Concourse website or reach out to Rebecca Kelley at You can also find Concourse on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram

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