ChatGPT, education, and college admissions (Part 2): HOW SHOULD COUNSELLORS RESPOND?

ChatGPT, education, and college admissions (Part 1)

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What's happening with College Rankings?

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Applying to Mcgill, Canada

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Applying to Oxbridge and the US

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Digital SAT Pilot - November 19th 2022

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Free College Counselling Consultation

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Re-thinking ‘reach’ colleges

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What is Waitlisting, and What to do if Waitlisted?

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Standardised Testing Update April 2022

How do I know if a college is a good fit?

UES Essay Workshop May 2022

Life after College: what do employers think of US graduates? - Webinar

Virtual Mock Admissions Event

ACT/SAT English Best Approach and What must I avoid?

UES SAT/ACT Subscription

Alternatives to the Ivy-League

Life after College: what do employers think of US graduates? - Webinar

April SAT/ACT Group Courses

Testing Strategies - SAT vs ACT and Test Optional

Common App Essay Prompts

US Applications 2022 Webinar

The Digital SAT: What do the changes mean for me?

Mock Admissions Event

Testing Strategies - SAT vs ACT and Test Optional

What to do if you’ve been deferred

Ivy League Colleges

College Counselling for US Applications

Applying to Creative Programmes - Blog

Accommodations - Extra Time for the SAT and ACT

Choosing Subjects

Extracurricular Activities - Blog

December SAT/ACT Group Courses

Hyper-Selective Admissions - Pitfalls and Strategies when Applying to the Most Selective US Universities

October SAT/ACT Group Courses

SAT/ACT Accommodations

Finance for US Colleges - In Depth

School Documents

US Colleges Panel Event

College References

The Biggest Things to Consider When Applying to US Colleges

US Colleges Panel Event

Demonstrated Interest - Blog

In-depth Finance for US Colleges - Webinar

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SAT Autumn Registration Open Now

Supplemental Essays Blog

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Blog - Common Application Essay

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Lifecycle of an Application

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US College Applications Review of the Year and Predictions Webinar

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